Skilled emergency roof repairs can help protect your home and business premises from serious interior or exterior damage. If your roof develops a leak during heavy rain or a fallen branch creates a gaping hole, you need to get it fixed immediately. Delay will cost more in repair expenses, and may even compromise the structural integrity of your building.

In emergency situations, time is of the essence. You need the services of a dependable and professional roofing team that will get to your property immediately and perform prompt, efficient and top quality repairs.

Keystone Exteriors always has a team on standby to attend to these emergencies. We will quickly assess the cause and extent of damage, determine the right solution and provide you with an estimate to get started on the repairs.

Some emergency roof repairs may be covered by your insurance depending on the circumstances. Having our highly trained professionals fix your roof can increase the chances of a positive response to your insurance claim.

Please call us with your emergency roofing requirements, from unexpected leaks, blocked drains, to hail and wind damage our service technicians will provide you with emergency repairs 24 hours a day.