Residential Financed Roof Replacement Program

As one of Calgary’s premiere residential roofing businesses we have always listened to our customers and the community regarding their residential roof replacements needs.  Some common feedback has been the affordability of replacing an aging roof.  Many of our customers have needed to replace their roofs for some time, but simply do not have the available funds to do so.  So in order to best service our customers needs for affordable roof replacement we have developed the “Keystone Exteriors Residential Financed Roof Replacement Program”   Our program allows home owners to break up the cost of their roof replacement over 6 years (72 payments) with no money down to make their investment in a new roof affordable.  The maximum price we can finance is $12,000 and the highest possible monthly payment is $239 per month.  We have teamed up with FLEXI Financial ( FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FLEXI Financial > CLICK HERE ) to offer special easy to qualify for rates of 9.9%, 13.9% and 19.9% depending on your credit and income.  We are able to qualify you for your roof replacement on the spot at your home using our mobile tablets.  Our financing program uses an unsecured loan product, that is not attached to your property and does not put a lien on your home.  Payments are made via equal monthly installments and can be paid off at anytime with no payout penalty.  

For customers who would prefer to pay in full for their roof replacement, we proudly offer competitive pricing and would be happy to come and quote your roof for you as well.

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